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Not mush room in ‘ere…..


Thought I’d share another of my makes with you.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you before but I belong to a local knitting group where a throng of like minded ladies get together and knit all kinds of things for charities – hats and gloves that go to homeless people or people in cold countries, blankets for neo natal units at the hospital or even animal shelters etc etc. We also knit things to raise money for the fantastic palliative care centre that has helped all of us get through bad times at some stage or another, they are always there with a cup of tea and a hug – I know I have been very glad for them at times. They definitely got me through my worst moments.

Anyway at the moment we are getting together a flower garden to go on display and (hopefully) raise funds for the centre. This is just one of my contributions, a stand alone mushroom garden


And a photo of the newspaper article it appeared in


That it for now, gave a great day

Hugs xx



lymph node result……


Well, I’ll get straight to the point here – my SNB was clear, my lymph glands are unaffected. Good news eh?

My tumour was hormone positive so I will need hormone treatment but they didn’t tell me yet if I will need chemo or radiotherapy. The team have still got to work that one out

Every one was very pleased with the way my wound was looking and healing (apparently it’s a very neat job, well done surgeon!)
and there is no sign of fluid build up. All very positive.

In fact it has been a very positive day all round. The shower / hair wash made me feel so much more human (and now I’ve been told it’s ok to get it wet), the hospital appointment was good news, then we went to one of the sea front bars and indulged in a nice cup of tea, then a trip to the GP surgery for another certificate, then to our local club to see friends

Wallace and grommets first day out was very busy but Oh, so very nice. I am absolutely shattered now and I must confess to really wanting to take my ‘booby hanger’ off for the night. I’ve done well but now all I want is my dressing gown and bed

Sleep tight x

todays challenge…….


my challenge today is my post op visit to the hospital.

In order to prepare for the biggest outing I’ve had in over a week – actually to be more precise the ONLY outing I’ve had in over a week – I need (desperately!!) to wash my hair. It has done me well this far. It was a wise decision of mine to have my hair cropped short before all this got started as it has meant that a water spray and wet flannel has sufficed. However, now it has all gone one day too far and it needs a blooming good wash.

That brings with it the next major hurdle……..a shower!! Having been told not to get that corner of me wet I have so far had to make do with sponge baths – my hubby is fast becoming a fully fledged Florence Nightingale BLESS – but the need for hair washing necessitates a shower. I will just have to do the best I can to keep one corner of me dry while washing my hair using only one hand because the other won’t go over my head yet.

Perhaps I could stand on one leg and whistle Dixie at the same time.

Goods news today from friends of ours – they have had a baby boy. Well done peeps xx
Must confess to being a tad jealous……….her hospital goodie bag is way better than mine, all I got was a false boob and a sick bucket! Hers is a far better deal!!!

Hopefully I will get more good news as today I find out about my lymph nodes (SNB) I really really do hope I don’t have to go back for more surgery to remove them. Fingers crossed xx