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Not mush room in ‘ere…..


Thought I’d share another of my makes with you.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you before but I belong to a local knitting group where a throng of like minded ladies get together and knit all kinds of things for charities – hats and gloves that go to homeless people or people in cold countries, blankets for neo natal units at the hospital or even animal shelters etc etc. We also knit things to raise money for the fantastic palliative care centre that has helped all of us get through bad times at some stage or another, they are always there with a cup of tea and a hug – I know I have been very glad for them at times. They definitely got me through my worst moments.

Anyway at the moment we are getting together a flower garden to go on display and (hopefully) raise funds for the centre. This is just one of my contributions, a stand alone mushroom garden


And a photo of the newspaper article it appeared in


That it for now, gave a great day

Hugs xx



a little update………


a little update to my previous pos ‘shall I or shan’t I’

Yesterday I finished the second chest of drawers.


I’m really very pleased with the way it has brightened up the whole room.

I have loved these drawers for a long time.

They were in my ‘Doing room’ for a ages and they hold a whole lot of crafting stuff.

When we downsized to this place I couldn’t let them go, they didn’t really fit anywhere but I didn’t care……I wasn’t getting rid of them. Pine colour didn’t fit with the rest of any colour scheme that may have accidently formed (our houses don’t get planned, they evolve!)

As a last resort they got kind of ‘dumped’ in the window recesses (the room is quite large but a lot of it is taken up with windows. As well as these two along the side wall there is another HUGE one across the front!). But at least they were still here and I could still store my crafting necessities.

Now they look like they ‘fit’ a whole lot better – much more in keeping. They look brighter and cheerier, and I’m rather glad I took the plunge.

And …….that dog gets in everywhere – I’m sure she thinks she lives here Ha! Ha!




a little shabby chic………

This is how it started...

This is how it started…

My hubby came home last week with a couple of little chests of drawers. They had definitely seen better days but he just wanted to put them into his workshop / garage.

Well I’ve looked at them for a week, just sitting there, in the conservatory looking sorry for themselves so today I decided to cheer them up a bit!

This was the result

I had fun with my little bit of upcycling, hope you enjoy seeing it………..hope hubby likes it too!

Bobbin along…………….


Yesterday I dusted off the sewing machine!

It has been absolutely ages since I did any sewing. So long in fact I wasn’t sure I’d remember how to do it – but it’s like falling off a bike only less painful.

I love nice fabric and Oh! what joy to see pretty colours and beautifully pressed seams……..is that sad or what??

This is what I achieved….

Needless to say I couldn’t make just one – so I made a few in different colours (I just never know when to stop)

I did enjoy it though.

The one big positive to this breast cancer of mine is that, by way of keeping my mind busy, it is making me do things that I haven’t done for a long time….think I’ll do some more (all in the name of therapy you understand!) x

Daisy Daisy…..


I am LOVING the crochet just lately…….I just can’t seem to stop……I’m like a thing possessed. Hee hee!

My craft stall is called ‘Vintage Miss Daisy’ and although I haven’t been out and about with it lately it is still in my mind all the time, thinking, planning, making. And today I thought I would make a daisy that I could put in the car.
This is what turned out
So that it would stand up I weighted the ‘body’ with pearl barley (ideally that could have benefited from being put into an old stocking or some such similar so it didn’t fall out through the stitches! Note to self for next time!)


It’s my birthdaytoday –  yaaay, Happy Birthday to me!!

I’ve finally gotten around to loading some pics of my blanket – I have spent more time making and less on the blog than I should!!

(The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a poodle lurking in the background – she can’t resist a photo oportunity.)

All that is left is a border around and then I’ll call it done!

Also, I’ve been to the hospital today and have been told my surgery will be monday week – god that’s scary………..

That’s it for now xx

Happy Birthday to me!……

Todays creation…


Okay, the dog spent the day being pampered and I spent an enjoyable time playing with paper! I love paper, so much in fact that I have an embarrassing large stash of it. Hee! Hee! This is what emerged from my day


I’ve never made one of these before but I had so much fun I made another!!


As for the dog, she came home exhausted – it’s such a busy day at the hairdressers, all that watching and stuff – but looking simply gor-juss…