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Update on the Princess…….


Okay, just to let you know the Princess poodle has finally healed – hooray!

We had a slight delay in her wound healing because her “lampshade” was rubbing on the bottom edge and made it sore. Catch 22 really….she had to wear the lampshade because she kept picking and licking, but that made it sore so she wanted to pick and lick! Still it’s mended now and we can get back to a bit more normality, she’ll be glad to see her doggy friends again.

As for the Prince PeeWee’ s supplies – didn’t get everything but made a good start. However, I have ordered a doggy pushchair for him, so that he can come out with us before he’s had all his jabs!! As Mirandas mother would say “such fun!”


The best therapy……..


The best therapy in the world, ever?

A great big hug from my two granddaughters!

Still with limited body contact though – they have ‘invented’ a hug where they don’t crush you……..bless their little hearts.

pain in the……..


Remember those little niggling pains I told you about? Well they have been getting steadily worse. I don’t mean to sound like a moaning Minnie but I’m getting bored with it now!

The whole area is becoming rock hard solid and that in itself is painful. I have been told that as time goes on that hardness will soften again, apparently it’s all to do with internal dissolvable stitches and bruising etc…….all to be expected 😦

Then at each end of my scar I have hard lumps. These are apparently caused by the surgeon gathering everything up and joining the gap where bits have been removed. Again all very normal, but still bloomin’ painful !

I’m being very conscientious in doing my exercises, but blinking heck they hurt too. Most of them I can do ok but there is one where you have to put your arm out to the side and raise it against a wall to over head height. I’m finding that impossible at the moment. I can barely get it to shoulder level, and definitely can’t hold it there for 20 seconds, nor can I do the 10 reps they suggest!

Oh dear, a bit of an under achiever I feel. Never mind……there is always tomorrow!

I am looking forward to the weekend, my daughter, her husband and my two granddaughters (not to mention my ‘grand dog’ ) are all coming to stay with us for the weekend. I hope the weather stays nice for them – they love to go to the summer house at the bottom of the garden – we lose them there for hours on end.

I can’t wait to give them loads of hugs.



today, for the first time since my operation, I managed to have a cuddle  my baby dog! I don’t know for certain but I think she has missed me as much as I have missed her.  Because she is big and clumsy we have had to be separated by a doggy gate, but today she very gently sat alongside me and had a fuss. BLESS XX