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quite a happy bunny…….


Do you know, a while back I decided I would go back to wearing an underwired bra.

Since my mastectomy I have been wearing non wired, total support bras and they are HORRID.

My remaining boob has started drooping because the ‘total support’s didn’t support much at all and my fake boobicle kept migrating all over the place because there is nothing to stop it!!

So I decided I would try an underwired variety. And I’m pleased I did.

Initially I was a bit worried that it might rub on my scar – which for some reason is most painful at the side – but it didn’t.

It felt so nice, and looked good too. It would look bloomin’ impressive with two boobs!

Very proudly wearing my new, much less bulky and far more pretty, attire I ventured out.

After a while I checked on things and found my boobicle was sneaking up to under my chin….

I was so disappointed, totally gutted in fact.

But I wasn’t going to give up on this. I wanted it to succeed. I needed it to succeed.

I decided to try and make my own pocket to hold the blinking thing in place……I just needed to show it who’s the boss!

I rummaged through my bits of fabric (of which there is plenty) looking for something soft and stretchy. Success a nice soft piece, not the best colour match but that’s ok, it’s only going on the inside. I set about it, I didn’t have a clue how to do this or where to start.

I grabbed the nearest needle and cotton, which happened to be black button thread but not to worry, and got started.

This is the result…….no laughing please



I know it doesn’t look the prettiest but it WORKS and that will do for me x


some crochet……..


The hook has been out again!
This time I decided to make a bag from my stash of yarn. I don’t know what it is about bags but I just love them.
Not satisfied with just a crochet bag – they can have a few problems after all with things falling through the holes or stretching beyond all recognition – I decided a lining would be necessary.
One thing led on to another and I started thinking I could have loads in different colour schemes. From there I decided to make the lining as a separate inner bag.
Made from a light canvas material and with buttons on each side to hold it to the outside crocheted bag and a zippered top I think it turned out pretty well. Now I can just transfer the ‘inner’ to any ‘outer’ that I choose to make.
Also, with my absolute love of things to be adaptable, I made the strap so that it is adjustable with buttons, so it can be made shorter.
What do you think? Did the girl do well? Xx

Bobbin along…………….


Yesterday I dusted off the sewing machine!

It has been absolutely ages since I did any sewing. So long in fact I wasn’t sure I’d remember how to do it – but it’s like falling off a bike only less painful.

I love nice fabric and Oh! what joy to see pretty colours and beautifully pressed seams…… that sad or what??

This is what I achieved….

Needless to say I couldn’t make just one – so I made a few in different colours (I just never know when to stop)

I did enjoy it though.

The one big positive to this breast cancer of mine is that, by way of keeping my mind busy, it is making me do things that I haven’t done for a long time….think I’ll do some more (all in the name of therapy you understand!) x