Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hey, remember me?……..


Hello Peeps, I haven’t been here for what seems like ages – I do hope that you are still there…… least some of you.

During my ‘down time’ we have had a little addition to the happy household AKA the Little Makery……

Everybody meet the newby!
He is 8 weeks old in this picture and he is now just over 10 weeks old and has grown MASSIVELY! Even the vet was surprised……..I just hope he knows to stop growing at some stage.
With this newcomer life has become one long round of pee and poop so I haven’t had very much free time.

The Princess is being very well behaved with him…….I think they will become good friends.
We have been going to ‘good citizen’ classes (she was too old for puppy class!) and she is doing quite well with it, definitely worth going to. We have a test next week, I hope she (we) do well and passes. Fingers crossed…….I’ll let you know!

Hugs x