Show and tell for today……..


Well, today I got my paper and glue out.
In between trying to teach ‘Princess Poopy Pants’ to use the almighty sized dog flap and some very boring and mundane ( but long overdue!) housework I managed to have a little playtime for me.
I know I’ve said it before…..but I miss my craft room. I have spent way too much time travelling around my humongous bungalow – ok so I’ve exaggerated that bit, but is seems humongous when everything you want is somewhere else – where as if I still had my craft room I would have everything to hand. It would be an almighty mess and definitely not for general viewing, but it would all be within reach. I wonder if I could convince ‘him indoors’ to get one built for me? I fear I know the answer to that one!!
Now the dog has decided she wants to play ball and keeps throwing at me – oh well.

Here’s some pics



Hope you like them x


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