I give up………


Okay, I have decided not to waste anymore time on my website vintagemissdaisy.co.uk 😦

it just won’t do what I want, or need, it to do. That is not unless I want to upgrade and pay out £50 a month……..I don’t think so!

Can you believe that unless I up grade it I can’t even get it verified by google – that means it will not show up in any google searches. Now I’m no expert but I reckon that if items don’t show up in a google search then I ain’t never gonna sell ’em am I??

So having spent loads of time trying to battle the impossible with it I am giving up but, the good news is that I am starting again via a different site!

I am now using www.vintagemissdaisy.co

NOTE: there is no UK on the end

so it is all very much back to the beginning for me now but this new site is much more idiot proof ( and that is how I need it to be!) and far easier to deal with. It’s taking a while to add my items to it but I’ll try and sort it as quickly as I can.

In the meantime, could I ask a favour of you all? Please would you spread the word for me as I aim to donate 10% of my profit to our local cancer support unit so the more people that know about this the better.


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