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Show and tell for today……..


Well, today I got my paper and glue out.
In between trying to teach ‘Princess Poopy Pants’ to use the almighty sized dog flap and some very boring and mundane ( but long overdue!) housework I managed to have a little playtime for me.
I know I’ve said it before…..but I miss my craft room. I have spent way too much time travelling around my humongous bungalow – ok so I’ve exaggerated that bit, but is seems humongous when everything you want is somewhere else – where as if I still had my craft room I would have everything to hand. It would be an almighty mess and definitely not for general viewing, but it would all be within reach. I wonder if I could convince ‘him indoors’ to get one built for me? I fear I know the answer to that one!!
Now the dog has decided she wants to play ball and keeps throwing at me – oh well.

Here’s some pics



Hope you like them x


I give up………


Okay, I have decided not to waste anymore time on my website 😦

it just won’t do what I want, or need, it to do. That is not unless I want to upgrade and pay out £50 a month……..I don’t think so!

Can you believe that unless I up grade it I can’t even get it verified by google – that means it will not show up in any google searches. Now I’m no expert but I reckon that if items don’t show up in a google search then I ain’t never gonna sell ’em am I??

So having spent loads of time trying to battle the impossible with it I am giving up but, the good news is that I am starting again via a different site!

I am now using

NOTE: there is no UK on the end

so it is all very much back to the beginning for me now but this new site is much more idiot proof ( and that is how I need it to be!) and far easier to deal with. It’s taking a while to add my items to it but I’ll try and sort it as quickly as I can.

In the meantime, could I ask a favour of you all? Please would you spread the word for me as I aim to donate 10% of my profit to our local cancer support unit so the more people that know about this the better.

seems I’ve got a result…….


Those of you that have been following me know the problems I have had with my silicone boobicle since my mastectomy. For those that are newbies to me the story so far has not been great. The good news was there was no lymph node involvement, the cancer hadn’t spread and I didn’t need chemo or radio so the mastectomy was all I needed. The downside for me has been psychological. I have had a lot of trouble finding a comfortable prosthesis that fits well and stays in place all day and looks right.

Well…….I don’t like to speak too soon………but I think I may have sorted myself out! Yay!!

I have found a Charnos underwired bra – just an ordinary one, nothing with pockets here, and a Silima prosthesis and the combo is great. For the last few days I have been trialling this and I get dressed in the morning and by the time I go to bed I haven’t had to adjust things all day…..everything is still where I put it. Bliss!

I still have some paranoia about things, slipping and migrating, but a quick peep is all it takes to realise all is well. I hope with a bit more time the paranoia will subside and I will just forget that I have a false boobicle. Looking forward to that day.

one point of note here: it’s really cold to wear first thing in the morning, I’m dreading the winter months — I’ll have to find a way to warm it up before I get dressed. 🙂

For UK followers: Just a little note about the silima prosthesis. The ladies that work there are fantastic. They don’t have a shop so it’s all done over the phone but they are so helpful. I ended with my tape measure, told them how wide across I am and they measured the prosthesis at their end. Then it’s free uk returns if the size isn’t right and they don’t mind how many times you have to change it, they just want it to be right for you. Excellent customer service and quick deliveries. Perfick!

For now, I’m a very happy bunny x

it’s been a while………


It has definitely been a while since I have posted anything on here…… sorry, very rude of me!

The thing is I have been just so VERY busy.

I have had family come to visit for a couple of weeks – which was an absolute treat. I loved having them here.

But as well as that I have still been trying to sort out online selling. it’s getting on my nerves now! I have wasted so much time trying to sort out computer stuff, time that could be far better spent making things!! Very unsatisfactory to my mind.

I just don’t understand why my items never seem to show up on google searches…….to be fair online selling is pretty rubbish if my marvellous creations can’t be found. I’ll never sell much like that and it might take a while to make my first million.

To be fair, I heard it said once that the second million is easier to make – so I might start with that one first! Ha Ha!

One of my newer ‘marvelous’ creations is a crochet bunny with an itsy bitsy butterfly resting on its foot.

Bunny & Butterfly

Does my bum look big in this

“Does my bum look big in this?”