let’s talk prosthesis ………..


Last night I went to my monthly support group meeting. A lovely group of ladies who have all been through,or are still going through, breast cancer and its treatments.

I have to say that compared to these brave ladies I feel a little bit like a fraud. Don’t get me wrong here, I know how very lucky I am and I feel blessed that I don’t need any chemo or radiotherapy but at the same time I feel almost like an under achiever!!! I’m not sure I ‘deserve’ my seat with these brave, strong beautiful ladies. For me, a bit of surgery and some tablets for a few years……nothing really is it?
I’m embarrassed to admit that I have struggled on more than one occasion, with coming to terms with stuff – how I look and stuff like that.
But there are ladies out there that have been through all this more than once, have been through chemo more than once, had radio and then had to go through it all again. My heart goes out to all of you ladies …. you are amazing xxx

Back to yesterday’s group meeting – we had a lady from the hospital prosthetic department come in and give us a chat.
It was really interesting. She gave us a bit of a potted history of mastectomy and prosthesis.

Mastectomy has been happening for a long time now but in the early days the ladies were left to sort themselves out, there was no aftercare or prosthesis, they were told to do without or to use cotton wool or to make a bag and fill it with bird seed.

Breast forms came about in the 1940s – they were little bags filled with kapok, not unlike the softies of today.
In the late 40’s an inflatable prosthesis came about. Quite a hard sort of plastic balloon that was blown up through a straw to get the right size! These were good from the size point of view but they had a habit of deflating ……sometimes noisily! They were also a problem for air travellers. The change in air pressure could cause the prosthesis to expand and maybe even explode!!

From there it moved on to a little bag filled with tiny glass beads. Adjustable size wise but rather hard and unpleasant.

In the 60’s the oil filled breast form arrived. These worked well as long as they didn’t leak.
The silicone breast form arrived in the mid 70’s and is improving all the time.
(If any facts or figures here are wrong, wrong please don’t blame me, I’m only going by a fact sheet I was given last night!!)

Speaking of silicone prosthesis – I got mine on Wednesday. Totes amaze-balls!! looks pretty good……even if I do say so myself!

However, I am gobsmacked at how HEAVY it is! It’s fine when being worn but if you take your bra off with it still in it is surprisingly weighty. Apparently it is supposed to be approximately the same weight as breast tissue……..so, maybe my weight gain isn’t down to my big butt after all, yay!!

Right, time for tea me thinks xx


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  1. One of us is about to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction as she’s just been diagnosed BRCA1. It’s nice to know ladies like you are out there, who can relate (a bit. You’ve been poorly, she hasn’t, bless you, but you know what I mean).

    • I know just what you mean. All my best wishes for an easy op. And there are such slot of ladies like me out there (sadly!) I have found it a definite positive to talk about things xx

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