Yesterday our son and his young lady arrived for a weekend visit. It’s so nice to see them – it has been ages……way too long in fact.

It was nice to catch up. Hubby made us all an Indian for dinner and we went for a drink after. I enjoyed my second or third glass of wine since my mastectomy – it’s nice to be off the pain killers long enough to enjoy a glass, I’m not a great drinker you understand but I do like the occasional tipple!!

On the subject of mastectomy:
I can’t believe this but tomorrow will be six weeks down the line. In one way it seems like only yesterday and then in another way if feels like a lifetime ago. I’m getting way more used to the way I look now. Sometimes I see myself in the mirror and I think ‘what a blooming ridiculous way to look’ and then I think well actually I’m really quite lucky, things could have been a whole lot worse. Just lately I have come across two separate people that have cancer in their face. The treatments and stuff that they are going through is just horrendous, and goodness only knows what they and their families will face at the end of it all. Believe me I have got such a better deal, I can put my clothes on and no one is any the wiser. To the outside world I am just a person, nobody would know that I’ve only got one boob…… really isn’t that bad.
My healing process is doing amazingly well. I look more ‘well’ in fact than I have done for a while – maybe the cancer did have more of an effect than I realized. My scar is good, the hardness over the muscle is still there but hopefully that will improve with time.
My scar is also very neat. Not having stitches or clips makes for a really neat finish. A tiny little thin line that is pink at the moment but of course that will fade over time. My arm movement is good too. It still pulls a little at times but all very easy to live with. The only effect I do seam to be having is a couple of little twinges down my ribs to my waist and also down the back of my arm towards my elbow. I think these are just nerves that are complaining a little, I expect it will pass with continued exercise. I am also suffering a bit with fatigue. I can go out and about for a while but then I need to rest a while before doing anything else. Again I expect this will pass.
On Wednesday this week I finally get to see the oncologist and hopefully find out what further treatments I may (or may not????) have to have. This appointment has been a long time coming. It’s not that I mind waiting for treatments but I just want to know so that I can plan things. I really can’t wait for Wednesday to come.


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