should have mentioned……


I really should have mentioned this before, and I truly can’t believe I didn’t.

When we went for a walk with our friends on Saturday to the beach, as we walked towards the waters edge we saw something in the sea. As we got nearer we could see what it was…….it was a seal !!!
How cool is that? Just hanging around there looking and watching US!

I love it here.


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  1. That sounds lovely! Seals always look like such nice and friendly characters on nature programmes, if a bit shy. Sometimes, but only sometimes, we spot dolphins round here… it’s always so exciting! Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

    • They are pretty things. A few months back there was loads breeding only a few miles away from where we live. Oh, I DO love to be beside the sea!
      I would love to have dolphins though. The only time I’ve seen them in the wild was from a cruise ship. I’ve always said I’d like to come back as a dolphin in the next life – problem is I can’t swim and I don’t like fish ha! ha!

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