a jolly good time……..


Yesterday was a really good day, I really enjoyed my self.

The weather wasn’t terrific but the company was superb. We had some visitors coming from way back where we used to live and they were bringing their dog with them – an 8 year old standard poodle called Pepper. I was looking forward to our poodle meeting him. I don’t know what it is exactly, but standard poodles look gorgeous in their own right but when there is more than one they look even more special. Somehow the end result is more than the sum of the parts of you get what I mean.
Anyhoo, as people that we hadn’t seen for ages were coming I thought a little housework was necessary! Not something that has been overly high on my priority list of late I must admit. I pottered about and did a little light dusting etc and I actually ENJOYED it…..is that a little sad or what?

When our friends arrived we had a good, fun afternoon. The dogs got on really well, with the only problem being my baby thinks every one loves her all the time, she just doesn’t stop and it gets a bit much (I think Pepper would have liked some space bless him). I’m sure she has got the doggy equivalent of ADHD – does any one know if there is such a thing?
I also rather enjoyed a glass of wine,,,,mmm, NICE!
We took the dogs for a walk to the beach where they had a good run around and a dip in the sea – they do love the water you know, but they don’t look any where near as glamorous when they are wet.
Not the best picture in the world but all I could get.

After our friends left we toddled off to our local club where we met up with more friends.
What can I say, we had such a laugh there!
I laughed so much it was starting to hurt – I’m sure I would have burst my stitches if I’d had any, but it was so nice.
It’s so true what they say about laughter being the best medicine.
Thank you peeps for being there and letting us share your company xx

A quick word on the subject of stitches and healing:
My recovery from my mastectomy is doing amazingly well. I don’t have much pain or very often so that is nice. My arm movement and all that is coming along nicely to. I’m sure I’ll write another post on this subject!


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