from bad to worse………


When I woke up this morning at some ridiculously early time after a really disturbed nights sleep, I just knew that it wasn’t going to be good.

I thought yesterday was bad but today is worse. All of a sudden I seem to be mourning the loss of my boob. I’d been doing fine, feeling ok with the whole thing but now, the last couple of days I’m just not coping with it all. What is that all about? You’d expect all these reactions to take place a while lot sooner – at least I would.

Suddenly, when I get up in the morning to get dressed I feel like a little girl that is playing dress up with her mum’s bra and stuffing it with her dad’s socks. It’s not a nice feeling and I do hope that I get over it pretty quick, I don’t want to feel like this for the foreseeable future, really I don’t.

In an attempt to feel better about myself up a bit I got out my cheeriest under-garment……..IMG_20130509_105534

It’s a doozie don’t ya think?!
Only a cheapie from Asda but it works…..and I love the colour – hopefully it will make me smile again……I miss being happy

Today might be a good day for crochet xx


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