lousy day…….

lousy day…….

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen eventually! I’ve had an absolutely rubbish day.

With ‘him indoors’ back at work, and me on my own 24 – 7 I just have too much time on my own. I’m sure I could cope with the daytime if only he came home in the evening. But he doesn’t. He does ring – several times a day – but it’s not the same is it?
I’d like a little hug and hand holding.

Today, with all this me time I have thought too much and dwelt on things. I have had a bit of a ‘why me’ day and as hard as I have tried I just can’t come up with a ‘why not me’

I’m not happy, and I don’t like it.
The gaping hole between my skin and my bra has been really obvious to me for some reason today. I don’t know why today should be any different to any of the other days but it has. Every time I have looked in the mirror I have had one boob drooping to what seems like my knees (not much support in the post surgery under garment…….a lot of material but not much else!) and the other boob floating somewhere over my shoulder. Not very satisfactory. I hope my proper fake breasticle will be better and hang more like the other one. But I don’t get to find out for a few more weeks yet, I have to wait until my wound is fully healed

On the subject of healing……
My wound is mending well. It pulls in places still but generally it’s ok. The glue is starting to come off in parts which is quite weird. It flakes and catches on the lining of my bra, but at least it doesn’t hurt too much. I was told to keep the skin well moisturised but I don’t particularly like touching it. It feels so flat and hard, which of course it is, after all it is just skin and ribs (and I haven’t felt them for more years than I care to remember!!)
My cold / cough is getting worse. Honestly, I could live without that at the moment.


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