the next step…………


Today will be my first day alone.

Husband has been here with me 24 – 7 but now he has to go back to work (he works away from home) I will only be on my own for three days this week but it will seem a whole lot longer I am sure.

We’ve been married for 31 years and we still enjoy each other’s company. I will miss him while he’s gone. But, on a brighter note….

My recovery from surgery is going really very, very well. The weekend has been lovely – I’ve had such a terrific time with the family visiting, and the weather has been kind to us too. We moved 134 miles away from them to have a life at the seaside. That was nearly a year ago now, and although I really do miss seeing them almost daily, I do LOVE living here! I suppose that is quite selfish of me………but that is how it is!
Since living here my health has improved so much, most of my allergies have just disappeared, fibromyalgia is rapidly turning into a distant memory and generally I just simply feel so much better. If we ignore the breast cancer – which, incidentally, the doctors said I’d had growing for ‘well over a year’ so I obviously bought that with me – I wouldn’t change a thing.

I hope I can cope ok for the next few days………at least I have you for company!


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