not the best night…….


I’m having trouble sleeping tonight. I don’t know if it’s because I’m missing my special nurse maid (AKA husband), or if it is because I have acquired a very irritating tickly cough – I’m a bit scared of popping me stitches at times. Our if it is simply because my wound is pulling tight at every angle at once. That doesn’t feel at all comfortable. I’ve been having to rub moisturiser into it regularly and I have to say that feels really REALLY weird!

I find myself wondering how long it takes to get used to not having a boob there, to just having a dent where there was once a sticky out bit. And will my scar always be hard? Will it stay rather super sensitive to touch? Hmmm, time will tell I guess.

But the fact remains, I am shattered – after all I have had a busy day………I’ve had to make my own cups of tea and my own ‘prick and ding’ dinner……….I’m just not used to all that exercise don’t you know!!

Shattered but can’t get to sleep. How I hate when this happens. Time to try again. Xx


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