nearly 3 weeks on………..


Tomorrow it will be three whole weeks since my mastectomy.

What seems like a lifetime ago since getting my cancer diagnosis is actually only 47 days. That is 1,128 hours or 67,680 minutes!
In that space of time my whole life, and the lives of all those close to me, has changed hugely. Not disastrously but definitely hugely.

People say this journey is a roller coaster – to be honest with you I always thought that was a phrase that was hideously over used, but it is so true……this journey IS a roller coaster.

First I was told that I would definitely need a mastectomy and chemotherapy but not radiotherapy. Having had my world turned upside down and then climbed back on top of it we continued on our way. I had my mastectomy. I wasn’t at all impressed with being sent home 7 hours after the operation but with hindsight may be its not such a bad thing after all. I am recovering really really well. So far I have not had any problems or issues (long may that continue!!) and everything in that garden is rosy. Then I am told I will probably have radio and not chemo, but I will have hormone therapy for five years. They won’t be making any decisions until the end of May. So I will just need to stay on the ride a bit longer!

However, today is a glorious day and I have my gorgeous granddaughters here to share the ride.

Ain’t life sweet! X


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