This morning scabs and superglue are falling off and things are feeling a little sore.

The major pain seems to have moved over to a niggling ‘surface soreness’ which I am finding very irritating!

For me pain is strangely preferable! Not that I like pain you understand, but with pain comes a sort of malaise that just makes you want to be quite and calm, maybe stay in bed and sleep a while longer. For me it makes pain easier to deal with.
But this niggling is like having a toothache in a non existent chesticle. My clothes, or bedcovers, indeed everything rubs against me with every breath I take. There is this soreness, yet I am feeling well in myself. I want to be doing things, but when I am doing things the surface rubs sore, and that is irritating!
There must be a way to solve this little problem……when I find it I’ll let you know.

My plan for today………….is more of the same!
It’s looking like another lovely day (it does seem that the timing of all this couldn’t have been better – if you have to go through it you may as well get to recover in some good weather)
This is where I plan to spend most of my day, a bit of knitting Interspersed with a walk along the sea front with the dog, and maybe a coffee at the club. Seems like a good plan to me


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