what a laugh….


Today has been fantastical.

The dog had another spa day (hasn’t that come round quick?) so hubby and I took the opportunity to go out for a while. We popped to the shops as I really don’t have enough tops that button down the front. I was warned that it is difficult (!) to get clothes on over your head in the early days after mastectomy so be sure to have button fronted tops. I thought I had catered for this sufficiently, but what I didn’t take into account was that mostly the tops were quite sheer material and require a camisol underneath! Kind of defeats the object really. So we went shopping.

A reasonably successful trip – although it seems quite difficult to get what I really want…….a nice colour, bit of pattern to hide any discrepancies, buttoned at front, high-ish neckline and a soft tee shirt material……..am I really too demanding!! Obviously I am, so I pushed my luck a bit more and suggested ‘tea at the sea’
The sun was shining, a light warm breeze and me and my man on the sea front – what more can a girl want?

Oh, and the dog looks gorgeous.


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