todays challenge…….


my challenge today is my post op visit to the hospital.

In order to prepare for the biggest outing I’ve had in over a week – actually to be more precise the ONLY outing I’ve had in over a week – I need (desperately!!) to wash my hair. It has done me well this far. It was a wise decision of mine to have my hair cropped short before all this got started as it has meant that a water spray and wet flannel has sufficed. However, now it has all gone one day too far and it needs a blooming good wash.

That brings with it the next major hurdle……..a shower!! Having been told not to get that corner of me wet I have so far had to make do with sponge baths – my hubby is fast becoming a fully fledged Florence Nightingale BLESS – but the need for hair washing necessitates a shower. I will just have to do the best I can to keep one corner of me dry while washing my hair using only one hand because the other won’t go over my head yet.

Perhaps I could stand on one leg and whistle Dixie at the same time.

Goods news today from friends of ours – they have had a baby boy. Well done peeps xx
Must confess to being a tad jealous……….her hospital goodie bag is way better than mine, all I got was a false boob and a sick bucket! Hers is a far better deal!!!

Hopefully I will get more good news as today I find out about my lymph nodes (SNB) I really really do hope I don’t have to go back for more surgery to remove them. Fingers crossed xx


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