BRA-VO for me……


Well, I did it!!

I plucked up every ounce of courage in me and put my bra on, and guess what? It only fitted!!
It felt very big and awkward but it worked fine, I really don’t know why I was worried. My fake breasticle is a bit small – this is what happens when your hospital stay isn’t even long enough for the prosthesis lady to come and see you, obviously her best guess (or should I say ‘breast guess’ Ha! Ha!) failed her on this occasion (I wonder how good she is at ‘guess the weight of the cake’!) – however, this time, and only this time I am prepared to forgive her! Hopefully my proper breasticle will be better matched.

With bra and clothes on, I didn’t look too bad, even if I do say so myself.
Hubby stared for quite some time and had to admit that he was amazed at how good it looked. Result.

So there we have it, another day gone by, less pain again today compared with yesterday, a HUGE result in dress sense and one more fear conquered…….ain’t life sweet


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