Bra Day………

Bra Day………

Well, today is day eight. Tomorrow is my follow up appointment at the hospital, so I reckon today I need to practise getting dressed! I’ve lived in dressing gowns for the last week, it seemed the easiest option. But now I need to face the bra thing, head on.

I put my softie in my post op bra a few days ago but I haven’t tried wearing it yet.
I don’t know why, but I feel scared of it. What scares me about it I have absolutely no idea, and I know how ridiculous it sounds, but there it is…….petrified of a bra!!
Maybe my biggest fear is that it won’t fit and function properly. Perhaps it may be uncomfortable, or maybe my false breasticle may fall out or look just plain wrong.
I know it looks all wrong now but in my head there is hope – in this instance that would be the bra working out good and my boobs looking like a matching pair and perhaps more importantly feeling comfy – but the moment I put that bra on that hope will be passed, for good or bad, it feels a little like the end of this particular line.
By no means the end of the road……just the end of this little bit of line.
Oh, well. No point putting it off – tomorrow is coming! – the time has arrived. Stand back…….I’m going for it

Wish me luck…..


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