Back again….


It seems to have been a very long time without a post – I apologise to anyone that is bothering to read this. I’ve had some internet problems and it has taken my provider (I won’t name them!) absolutely ages to sort it out. However it is sorted now.

In the mean time I have had a lot of other stuff going on – the observant among you will have noticed a change to the title of this blog. Things that make me smile….and some that don’t. I get the feeling that there might be more of the latter unfortunately. While I was off line I didn’t waste me time all together, I have had a whole lot of medical appointments and the upshot is not particularly fantastic. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and am facing the prospect of surgery and chemotherapy. So, please do, forgive me but this blog will also turn into a bit of a journal for me and my progress.
That’s it for now x


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