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Back again….


It seems to have been a very long time without a post – I apologise to anyone that is bothering to read this. I’ve had some internet problems and it has taken my provider (I won’t name them!) absolutely ages to sort it out. However it is sorted now.

In the mean time I have had a lot of other stuff going on – the observant among you will have noticed a change to the title of this blog. Things that make me smile….and some that don’t. I get the feeling that there might be more of the latter unfortunately. While I was off line I didn’t waste me time all together, I have had a whole lot of medical appointments and the upshot is not particularly fantastic. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and am facing the prospect of surgery and chemotherapy. So, please do, forgive me but this blog will also turn into a bit of a journal for me and my progress.
That’s it for now x



Well the blanket didn’t get much bigger today. A little thing called housework got  in the way, followed by a pile of ironing (mostly belonging to “him who must be obeyed”!!) and a trip to the supermarket topped off by the dog taking me for  drag around the streets. Her manners aren’t getting any better, I must squeeze in some training tomorrow. That will be after the ladies charity coffee morning, cleaning out the bits of dog biscuit from the back of the car and putting the lumps of grass back that a lolaping great puppy with big feet has kicked around. Hopefully I’ll get a picture of the blanket on here tomorrow. Time for bed, big hugs night, night



Todays creation…


Okay, the dog spent the day being pampered and I spent an enjoyable time playing with paper! I love paper, so much in fact that I have an embarrassing large stash of it. Hee! Hee! This is what emerged from my day


I’ve never made one of these before but I had so much fun I made another!!


As for the dog, she came home exhausted – it’s such a busy day at the hairdressers, all that watching and stuff – but looking simply gor-juss…



Spa day..


Today is spa day! Ooooh, lovely, I hear you say and, yes, it would be if it was me that is going to enjoy the benefits – but, no, it is THE DOG!

She is going to be primped and preened and will come home looking like a poodle again rather than the shaggy rug she looks like at the mo.

While she is out for the day having fun with the other pooches I am going to have a break from the blanket and see what else I can create.

I will let you know later what I come up with x

Back to the blanket

Back to the blanket

So, finally got it started and it looked like this…


Not too bad me thinks but maybe it needs a bit more?


Getting better but maybe just a little bit more?

So it’s turned into this… and I quite like it. Looking GOOD.


Now, I know that green wasn’t in the original colour pallette, but it seemed to me that it needed a bit darker in there somewhere. Not only that, but,  like eveything else I make, it is a living project – that’s my excuse anyway!



These are the colours I found. Not sure the photo does them justice really but they are a pale dusky pink, stone beige, dusky heather and cream. They look really nice together. Gonna make smallish squares then join four together for a larger square I think (although that plan may change !)